About Me

Currently, I am a Postdoc at Spoken Language Systems group in Department of  Language Science and Technology at Saarland University . I work in the general area of Deep/Representation learning applied to Natural Language Processing for integration of external real-world/common-sense knowledge (e.g., vision and knowledge graphs) into language models.

Previously, I was a Research Associate and PhD candidate at Web Science group in Institute AIFB at KIT and worked on Multi-View Representation Learning for integration of languages, semantic knowledge and vision.

Research Overview

My recent research work focus broadly on Deep/Representation Learning and its extensions such as Multi-viewMulti-task applied to Multimodal and Multilingual problems. Several areas of recent work include:

  • Learning regularities across languages with word distributed representations.
  • Learning a common space of language and vision for cross-modal retrieval and generation.
  • Discovering semantically enriched labels for the noisy multimodal data.